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ADT has the solutions that can reduce shrinkage and improve product flow across the entire supply chain.

With the ability to integrate a combination of our products,  we can provide retailers with a total customised solution to the issue of loss prevention. Our products include EAS , SmartEAS , Source Tagging and POS.

In the retail world, your security challenges never end.

Every retailer faces a unique set of security challenges.  At ADT, we understand there is no single technology or “one size fits all” approach for all retailers.  That’s why we offer a full spectrum of solutions from Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), video surveillance, intrusion and fire monitoring, to more robust solutions encompassing point-of-sale data mining and integrated technologies.  Solutions that go beyond loss prevention to loss anticipation.

Electronic Article Surveillance

As a retailer, you know the effect shoplifting has on your inventory and bottom line. ADT offers affordable anti-shoplifting solutions that are easy to install and maintain. Our electronic article surveillance (EAS) products help keep items in the store until they've been rung up at a register.


To further manage your EAS program, SmartEAS® gives you real-time intelligence at the store, district, or corporate level, and the ability to act on that intelligence quickly.  SmartEAS allows you to accurately, efficiently and quickly link and use information from your EAS, digital video and POS systems.

Source Tagging

Applying anti-theft tags to consumer goods at the point of manufacture, or source tagging, is gaining further popularity as a loss-prevention method among a wide range of retailers, manufacturers, and packaging companies. Source-tagging can provide a solid return on investment by lowering non-productive labor hours while increasing sales through more open and creative merchandising.

Access Management

By monitoring and restricting entry, you can do more than protect valuable assets and sensitive areas from theft or damage. You can control your facility. An ADT access control system will help you operate your business more safely, efficiently and profitably.

Video Surveillance

Recording what occurs in your store is important whether it be before, during or after an event. Digital video surveillance and POS monitoring can deter common forms of employee theft, such as "sweethearting," register theft and fraud.  ADT’s digital video solutions can also go a long way in determining actual events in cases of liability.  And ADT has its eye on the future by offering solutions that support your current initiatives, while providing a platform for technology expansion.

Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection, and Monitoring

The foundation of every good security system is intrusion detection and monitoring services.  Our intrusion detection systems allow employees in one area to be productive and move about freely, while other parts of the building are safety secured.  And of course, while your property is valuable, nothing is more precious than the lives of your employees and customers.  Which is why ADT offers the industry’s leading fire and life safety solutions.  All are backed by our state-of-the-art monitoring systems.  So your property is more secure.  Your employees and customers are more protected.  And your business is more productive.
RFID is a sophisticated technology which depends on foresight and good planning. The best source for those skills is ADT. ADT's Sensormatic RFID systems can make your supply chain efficient and secure, helping increase sales and reduce costs.

By providing a free on-site risk assessment by one of our trained security professionals, we can help you identify potential threats to life and property. This assessment can help you design a comprehensive and cost-effective security system suited to your needs.

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